Returns the file at the given path as the response. If you want an endpoint to return a file as an attachment for user to download see as_attachment().

include_file(file, res, content_type = getContentType(tools::file_ext(file)))

include_html(file, res)

include_md(file, res, format = NULL)

include_rmd(file, res, format = NULL)



The path to the file to return


The response object into which we'll write


If provided, the given value will be sent as the Content-Type header in the response. Defaults to the contentType of the file extension. To disable the Content-Type header, set content_type = NULL.


Passed as the output_format to rmarkdown::render


include_html will merely return the file with the proper content_type for HTML. include_md and include_rmd will process the given markdown file through rmarkdown::render and return the resultant HTML as a response.