How to use Plumber options

  apiHost = getOption("plumber.apiHost"),
  debug = getOption("plumber.debug"),
  maxRequestSize = getOption("plumber.maxRequestSize"),
  postBody = getOption("plumber.postBody"),
  port = getOption("plumber.port"),
  sharedSecret = getOption("plumber.sharedSecret"),
  swagger.url = getOption("plumber.swagger.url")



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The complete, prior set of options() values. If a particular parameter is not supplied, it will return the current value. If no parameters are supplied, all returned values will be the current options() values.


There are a number of global options that affect Plumber's behavior. These can be set globally with options() or with options_plumber(). Options set using options_plumber() should not include the plumber. prefix.

plumber.apiHost (defaults to host defined by run method, or an empty string when used outside a running router)

Host used to build UI url and server url for OpenAPI specification.

plumber.debug (defaults to FALSE)

Provides more insight into your API errors. Alternatively, use parameter debug of plumber router run method

plumber.maxRequestSize (defaults to 0)

Maximum length in bytes of request body. Body larger than maximum are rejected with http error 413. 0 means unlimited size.

plumber.postBody (defaults to TRUE)

Copy post body content to req$postBody using system encoding. This should be set to FALSE if you do not need it. Default is TRUE to preserve compatibility with previous version behavior.

plumber.port (defaults to NULL)

Port Plumber will attempt to use to start http server. If the port is already in use, server will not be able to start.

plumber.sharedSecret (defaults to NULL)

Shared secret used to filter incoming request. When NULL, secret is not validated. Otherwise, Plumber compares secret with http header PLUMBER_SHARED_SECRET. Failure to match results in http error 400.

plumber.swagger.url (defaults to NULL)

A function. Called with a single parameter corresponding to ui url after Plumber server is ready. This can be used by RStudio to open UI when API is ran for the editor.